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      Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

      The popular action RPG franchise Monster HunterTM returns to Europe and North America with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate launching on the Nintendo Wii U™ system and the Nintendo 3DS™. Players take on the role of a hunter and are sent to explore a settlement within the Monster Hunter universe, completing quests on their journey to seek and slay monsters while improving their skills and earning equipment upgrades. With many challenging monsters and over 200 quests the latest edition to the series is set to be the most expansive offering to date.

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      Game Information

      Expansive Monster Hunter world – equipment and weapon upgrades, challenging monsters and over 200 quests to tackle make this latest offering the most expansive in the series so far

      • Utilize the Wii U and 3DS functionalities – The touch screen feature of both platforms provides easy access to in-game books, weapons, field maps and mini games
      • High quality HD resolution and 3D visuals – The beautiful world of Monster Hunter, powered by Capcom’s latest iteration of the MT Framework, appears visually stunning and unique for players to enjoy on both the Wii U system and Nintendo 3DS
      • Don’t hunt on your lonesome – Connect with up to three friends in four player local play via the Nintendo 3DS or online via the Wii U system. Wii U players can also link up with Nintendo 3DS players over a local connection
      • Hunt AND chat online – the Wii U game will fully support the voice chat functionality available on that system
      • Search for fellow hunters! – Use the local Nintendo 3DS search feature to find other hunters in your location
      • Take the experience with you wherever you go – Share your save data between your Wii U home console and the Nintendo 3DS, allowing the Monster Hunter experience to be truly portable
      • Meet your companions – Never feel alone in the vast world of Monster Hunter with the aid of your two companions, Cha-Cha and Kayamba, who will assist you on your quests
      • Exchange your information – Share your guild card with fellow hunters via the Nintendo StreetPass™ function


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