Monster Hunter Support Info

Update Information

XSX|S / XONE / Windows: Ver.

PS5: Ver.13.000.001

PS4: Ver.13.01

  • Platforms
  • XSX|S
  • XONE
  • Windows
  • PS5
  • PS4

In order to use DLC and play online, you need to update Monster Hunter Rise to the latest version.

Release Date

April 27, 2023
Note: Updates that require purchase of the Sunbreak expansion will only become available on official release date of the expansion, April 28.

Required Space (only this update)

Xbox X|S: 7.9 GB
Xbox One: 7.7 GB
Windows: 7.6 GB
PS5: 8.1 GB
PS4: 8.2 GB
Please make sure you have enough free space.

An asterisk indicates elements only playable if you’ve purchased MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK.

Major New Features

Added story elements
  • New story content (after unlocking hunter rank cap)
  • Master Rank
  • New base
  • New locales and endemic life
  • New monsters
  • New weapon trees, armor, layered armor, decorations, and skills
  • Afflicted Monsters
  • New quest system: Anomaly Investigations (Available after completing the main story.)
  • New facility: The Anomaly Research Lab
  • Risen elder dragons
Added action elements
  • Switch Skill Swap and Swap Evade for all weapon types
  • New Switch Skills, combos, and more for all weapon types
  • New training area features
  • New Palamute Gear
  • New Palamute commands and a Palamute Pouch
  • New support moves for Felynes
  • New Buddy Skills
  • "Followers" that accompany you on certain quests
Added system elements
  • New character design elements
  • Switch Skill Swap loadouts
  • New Smithy features, such as Rampage Decorations
  • You can now enhance your gear via Qurious Crafting at the Smithy.
  • You can now forge layered weapons
  • New features added to the Lottery and Melding Pot at the Market
  • New dango and Canteen features
  • New Buddy Plaza features
  • New Guild Card pages, awards, and titles
  • New Badges of Heroes added
  • New "Horror" filter added
  • New options

Major Adjustments

  • Some bugs have been fixed.