Monster Hunter Support Info

Update Information

XSX|S / XONE / Windows: Ver.

PS5: Ver.16.000.000

PS4: Ver.16.00

  • Platforms
  • XSX|S
  • XONE
  • Windows
  • PS5
  • PS4

In order to use DLC and play online, you need to update Monster Hunter Rise to the latest version.

Release Date

August 24, 2023

Required Space (only this update)

Xbox X|S: 2.5 GB
Xbox One: 2.3 GB
Windows: 2.4 GB
PS5: 2.57 GB
PS4: 2.5 GB
Please make sure you have enough free space.

An asterisk indicates elements only playable if you’ve purchased MONSTER HUNTER RISE: SUNBREAK.

Major New Features

Added story elements
  • New monsters
  • New afflicted monsters
  • New Risen elder dragons
  • New quests
  • The level cap of Anomaly Investigations has increased
  • Special Investigations have been added as the final difficulty level for Anomaly Investigations
  • New monsters appearing in Anomaly Investigations
  • New weapon trees, armor, and layered armor
  • New skills and decorations
  • New Augmentations at the Smithy
  • New skills can be earned when augmenting armor
  • Armor upgrade level cap will be raised
  • You can now earn extra bonuses when expanding the Anomaly Slots on a weapon
  • New Melding Pot method at the Market
  • New prizes added to the Lottery
Added system elements
  • The maximum number of Anomaly Investigations you can own has been increased to 200
  • New Guild Card titles
  • New Badges of Heroes added
  • New "Hunter Loadout" feature added to the item box.
  • New feature to enable/disable "Sale BGM" at the housekeeper.
  • Latin American Spanish now supported via the Options > Language menu.

Major Adjustments

  • Some bugs have been fixed.