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Azarasi Yuzuko’s Kamura Hunting Diary

A new series by the artist of the official Monster Hunter 4-Panel comic, “Azarasi Yuzuko”, has just started!
“Azarasi Yuzuko’s Kamura Hunting Diary” begins today!
The monsters of Monster Hunter Rise are finally debuting in comic form! Please check it out!

  • 4-Panel Comic
  • Illustration Column
  • Episode 27: Magala’s Picnic

    Episode 26: How to Become Blood Orange Bishaten?

    Episode 25: Savage Garangolm

    Episode 24: Jungle Holiday

    Episode 23: Demo Release!

    Episode 22: How Does That Fruit Taste?

    Episode 21: The Lucky Monster?

    Episode 20: Narga’s instinct

    Episode 19: Special Dango

    Episode 18: Goss Harag’s Snow Statue Exhibition

    Episode 17: Mommy Rakna-Kadaki

    Episode 16: Gustcrabs Have More Fun

    Episode 15: The Year of Magnamalo?

    Episode 14: Rajang’s Holiday Special

    Episode 13: The Beauty Monster

    Episode 12: Danger Level: Apex

    Episode 11: Can’t Miss This Shot!

    Episode 10: Great Izuchi’s Name

    Episode 9: Somnacath’s Cooking Show

    Episode 8: Reckless Challenge

    Episode 7: Aknosom’s Weak Spot

    Episode 6: The Neat and Tidy Mizutsune

    Episode 5: Friendly Rivals

    Episode 4: You’re the Strongest-jang!

    Episode 3: Goss Harag’s Poker Face NEW!

    Episode 2: Good Guy Valstrax

    Episode 1: Long Time No See!

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Azarasi Yuzuko Profile

Popular illustrator, known for her extraordinary sense of humor and especially cute drawings in the MH official 4-panel comics!