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The 4-Panel Monster Show, Azarasi Yuzuko’s adorable look at the daily lives of the Monster Hunter monsters, is back!

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Azarasi Yuzuko’s Kamura Hunting Diary

Episode 289: Celebrate!! Monster Hunter 20th anniversary NEW!


Episode 288: The boss appears?! NEW!

Episode 287: Unreasonable demands to God NEW!


Episode 286: They’re watching☆

Episode 285: The new year! Greedy meat set

Episode 284: Monsters welcoming the new year

Episode 283: Their favorite! Seltas Queen

Episode 282: Risky Holiday Lights

Episode 281: The Remarkable Sitter ☆ Goss Harag

Episode 280: Paolumu is Reflecting

Episode 279: The intruder at a girls-only gathering

Episode 278: Monster Hunter Now!

Episode 277: Furious Protein

Episode 276: Partynova!

Episode 275: Khezu’s Theme Song

Episode 274: Ghosts and Barioth

Episode 273: Summer Monster Cooling

Episode 272: Gammoth’s Jealousy

Episode 271: The Show’s Back!!

Azarasi Yuzuko Profile

Popular illustrator, known for her extraordinary sense of humor and especially cute drawings in the MH official 4-panel comics!

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