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A new Monster Hunter comic project has started! We’re sure lots of hunters know of Hachemichu☆Tomo-chan, the popular MH illustrator.
Well, check out her new comic ”Monster Hunter Friends ☆”, now serializing on the official MH Fanclub in Japan, “Monhun-bu”, and officially translated here at Monster Hunter Asia!

Episode 67: Everyone’s Valentine☆ NEW!

Episode 66: I don’t want to get out of bed☆ NEW!

Episode 65: Hunter’s Choice!☆

Episode 64: Santa Goss Harag☆

Episode 63: Look that way☆

Episode 62: Identical☆Friends

Episode 61: The Monsters that Were Captured☆

Episode 60: Traps don’t work on Elder Dragons☆

Episode 59: The Reclusive Elder Dragon, Gaismagorm☆

Episode 58: Eruption of Chaos☆

Episode 57: Curious Qurios

Episode 56: Thank You☆ Sunbreak

Episode 55: Teostra Wants an Ice Pop-teo☆

Episode 54: Amazing Elder Dragon☆

Episode 53: MTuber☆

Episode 52: Star Festival☆Friends

Episode 51: A Ray of Hope for the Sports Event☆>

Episode 50: Event Quest☆Friends

Episode 49: Monster Hazard

Episode 48: The Mother’s Day Special Quest☆

Episode 47: The Risen☆

Episode 46: When I Updated, a Rare Species Appeared☆

Episode 45: The Three Blizzard Lords☆

Episode 44: Frost Islands Ice Festival☆

Episode 43: Chameleos’s Day☆

Episode 42: The Bond Between a Mother and a Child☆

Episode 41: Shagaru Magala’s Frenzy Infection Plan☆

Episode 40: The Gentle Whisper of Malzeno☆

Episode 39: It’s a Monster Mash☆

Episode 38: Dreaming Espinas☆

Episode 37: Monster Etiquette☆

Episode 36: Hide-and-seek Geeks☆

Episode 35: Cuteness Overload☆Aurora Somnacanth

Episode 34: MH Pro Baseball☆

Episode 33: Fast Monsters☆Friends

Episode 32: Sandy Plains Playground☆

Episode 31: Arzuros on a Walk☆

Episode 30: Attack on Crab☆

Episode 29: Throw a Ball☆

Episode 28: Just a bite☆

Episode 27: Let’s All Play Sunbreak☆

Episode 26: Aknosom’s Real Life☆☔

Episode 25: A Friend’s Weak Spot☆

Episode 24: Cherry Blossom Friends☆?

Episode 23: Foodie Friends☆

Episode 22: Elder Dragon Legion☆Report

Episode 21: Late Sleeper☆Friends

Episode 20: Arzuros’s Brilliant Plan☆

Episode 19: Elder Dragon☆Friends

Episode 18: Snowball Fight ☆

Episode 17: Defeat the Cold ☆

Episode 16: MHC Palamute is Very Strong☆

Episode 15: New Year☆Friends

Episode 14: Christmas Rampage☆

Episode 13: The Shrine Ruins Locked-Room Mystery☆ Part 2

Episode 12: The Shrine Ruins Locked-Room Mystery☆ Part 1

Episode 11: Sweet Potato☆Friends

Episode 10: Always Hungry: Apex Arzuro’s Ecology ☆

Episode 9: Rakna-Kadaki ‘s Ecology ☆

Episode 8: Almudron’s Ecology ☆

Episode 7: Somnacanth’s Ecology ☆

Episode 6: Goss Harag’s Ecology ☆

Episode 5: Bishaten’s Ecology ☆

Episode 4: Aknosom’s Ecology ☆

Episode 3: Tetranadon’s Ecology ☆

Episode 2: Great Izuchi’s Ecology ☆

Episode 1: Magnamalo’s Ecology ☆

Hachemichu☆Tomo-chan Profile

Plays Monster Hunter every day, and draws illustrations as a hobby, posting art on X for fun.
Actually does all of her drawing using a Nintendo 3DS.