Find out more about the multiplayer elements, one of Monster Hunter's biggest strengths!

Quest Types and Difficulty

There are Village Quest, which are Single Player only, and Hub Quests, which can be taken on solo or in Multiplayer.
Talk to the respective maidens to take on the quest you want.
  • Single Player
    Village Quests

    Hinoa Hinoa

    the Quest Maiden
  • Single Player/Multiplayer
    Hub Quests

    Minoto Minoto

    the Hub Maiden

Quest Difficulty

  • 1 player
  • 2 players
  • 3 players
  • 4 players
  • Easy
  • Hard

Hub Quests have 4 levels of difficulty depending on the number of players, and the difficulty will adapt on the fly as players join or leave.
The difficulty is always optimized for the number of players!

* The screenshots on this page are all from the Nintendo Switch version.

Connect to other hunters
anywhere you want!

There are two ways of engaging in Multiplayer: by gathering in a Lobby and visiting the various facilities at your base,
or by responding to Join Requests and participating in quests that are already underway.

Gathering in a Lobby

  • Lobbies are places for gathering with other players during Multiplayer sessions.

    Up to four players can join a Lobby, and any player can register a quest using the Quest Board at the Gathering Hub.

  • Prepare for your hunts by visiting the various facilities at Kamura Village and the Gathering Hub, going to the Buddy Plaza to manage your Buddies, and testing your moves at the Training Area. You can use gestures and the chat function to communicate with other players!

Responding to Join Requests

Join Requests are a useful online feature that allow you to ask other players to join your quests.

Only the Quest Host can use this feature, either while out in the field, or by selecting "Accept via Join Request" when you take on a quest.
Other players will be able to join your quests halfway, so use this feature if you need some help.

Players who join in halfway will still be able to receive rewards.
If you help out a hunter with a lower Hunter Rank than you, you'll also get a "Helper Reward," so it's worth lending other players a hand even for quests you've already finished!

  • *You can only match up with other players of the Steam version of Monster Hunter Rise. There is no cross-platform multiplayer.
  • *You need to connect your PC to the internet and sign in to Steam to use online multiplayer.

New Features
to Facilitate Matchmaking

There are two new features to link up with players who have the same objectives or play style as you.

Hunter Connect

This feature allows you to set optional tags to match with other players.
  • When creating a Hunter Connect, you can add optional tags (the Connect Name), activity time, and a shoutout.
    You can make your own Hunter Connect or be invited to join one by another player.

  • You can also create a Lobby that can only be found by players using the same Hunter Connect, by specifying the Hunter Connect you're currently using when creating the Lobby.
    This makes it much easier to find players who have the same objectives and play style as you!

Use the Camera to keep
records of your hunting life!

The Camera can be activated using the Custom Radial Menu or the Action Bar.
  • Of course you can zoom in/out and adjust the composition, and if you manage to get a monster or endemic creature nicely centered in the frame, you'll even be able to see its name!

  • Any pictures you take in the game can be saved and viewed either on your PC or in the in-game album.
    In the in-game album, monsters and endemic life that have their names displayed are automatically categorized.
    You can also set pictures you like as your favorites!

If you have a pet Cohoot, it will help you take a selfie as well.
Uses poses and gestures to take commemorative pictures with other players!