Anomaly Research Quests

Take on powerful afflicted monsters!

What are Anomaly Research Quests?

Anomaly Research Quests are quests where you can take on "afflicted monsters" that have gone berserk due to the influence of the Qurio that are under the control of Malzeno.
There are two types: Anomaly Quests and Anomaly Investigations, both of which can be accessed via the Anomaly Research Quest menu.

  • Anomaly Quests

    Anomaly Quests require you to slay a specific afflicted monster. Only monsters you've hunted on MR quests will appear as afflicted monsters. You can earn exclusive rewards for completing these quests.

  • Anomaly Investigations

    These are quests where the play conditions, such as the target monster, the locale, and the number of players are randomly determined. Complete these quests to earn points required to level up the Anomaly Research Lab, and special materials that allow for new upgrades to your weapons and armor.

    As a new feature, you can now also lower the level of the quests you possess.

  • Risen Elder Dragons

    Elder dragons that have fully overcome the affliction caused by the Anomaly, creating a symbiotic relationship with the Qurio.
    Their "risen" state poses an even greater danger than when they were still under the influence of the affliction.

    When their anger reaches its peak, each elder dragon gains its own unique and extraordinary powers, becoming even more fearsome than before. Stay on the offensive to prevent them from entering this state or to knock them out of it.

Special Investigations

Special Investigations should only be attempted by those who have true confidence in their strength.
When a max level quest (300) is completed, the player who posted it is rewarded a Special Investigation (only once).
These quests are extremely dangerous and difficult.
Completing them will not yield any new quests or luxurious rewards, but you can earn a special Badge of Heroes if you complete a lot of these quests with different target monsters.

Anomaly Research Lab

A research facility created by Bahari in order to investigate the Qurio and the effects they have on monsters. This is where you can get the special "Anomaly Investigation" quests, which allow you to delve even deeper into the research. Anomaly Investigations yield special rewards, which can be exchanged for items required for Qurious Crafting.

  • Anomaly Research Level

    As you complete Anomaly Investigations, you'll earn Anomaly Research Points. Gain enough points, and your Anomaly Research Level will go up. As your level goes up, the maximum level for Anomaly Investigations will increase as well, allowing you to take on more difficult quests and earn better rewards, as well as unlock Anomaly-related content.

  • Qurious Crafting

    By enabling augmentation for MR armor and weapons that have been upgraded to their highest form, you'll gain access to Qurious Crafting. Qurious Crafting requires materials gained from Anomaly Investigations, but they allow you to add new upgrades to your gear. You can customize your weapons' stats, such as attack power and affinity, and you can randomize the functionality of your armor, which you can do as many times as you want!

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