New System: Layered Weapons!

Title Update 2 (Ver.12) introduces a new system: layered weapons!
Almost all weapons up to Free Title Update 2 (Ver.12) can be used as layered weapons!

There will be layered weapons as paid DLC as well!
Stuffed Monster Series

New layered weapons in the shape of cute, fluffy monster toys!
When sheathed, these adorable toys snuggle up close to the hunter, but when the hunt begins,
their appearance resembles the iconic attacks of the monsters they represent.
It's almost as if they're a new friend you can bring along on your hunts!
Which monster will take on the form of your favorite weapon!?

Stuffed Monster Series Trailer

Lost Code

Remnants of a lost civilization!?
New layered weapons with curious shapeshifting mechanisms!
When sheathed, these weapons hover around the hunter in compact parts, but once unsheathed,
they unfold into their full forms with a bright flash of light!
Steal the show on the battlefield with these unique and stylish new "Lost Code" weapons!

"Lost Code" layered weapons trailer

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