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To celebrate the release of the fourth free title update, we're giving away a Palamute Layered Armor set early!
Read on for full details of the campaign and how to enter.
Please read the campaign overview, terms and conditions and privacy policy below before entry.

Campaign Overview

The "Velkhana Costume" Palamute Layered Armor Set allows your Palamute to dress up as Velkhana, the Elder Dragon coming to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in its fourth free title update.

Entry Period

Thursday 2 February (01:00 GMT)
to Monday 6 February (04:00 GMT) 2023

  • Note:
    After entrants have received the "Velkhana Costume" Palamute Layered Armor Set early, it will be made available to other players at a later date.
    Layered armor is a cosmetic item which changes the appearance of the character without affecting their stats and abilities.

Supported Titles:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak for Nintendo Switch and Steam

How to Enter:

Please log in to your CAPCOM ID (or create one if you don't already have one) and fill in all fields in the application form.

Entry Procedure:

Entry period: Entry period: Thursday 2 February (01:00 GMT) to Monday 6 February (04:00 GMT), 2023
All entrants will receive an email to their registered email between Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 February 2023.


By entering this campaign, you agree to the content of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please ensyure to read them carefully before entering.

Terms and Conditions


The "Velkhana Costume" Palamute Layered Armor Early Giveaway Campaign Terms and Conditions (hereafter, "Campaign Terms and Conditions" apply to said campaign which is run by Capcom Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "the Company") as part of the CAPCOM ID service.
These Campaign Terms and Conditions apply to all entrants to this campaign.
Note: Anything not covered by these Campaign Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the CAPCOM ID Terms of Service.
The consent of a legal guardian is required for minors to enter the competition.

Campaign Details:

1. The purpose of this campaign is to provide a bonus reward of the "Velkhana Costume" Palamute Layered Armor content for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak as a bonus reward to CAPCOM ID members who enter the Campaign.
2. The contents and method of distribution of the reward, the entry period, and any other specific details of the Campaign shall be as described on this page.
3. The Company may, at its discretion, change any part of the contents of this Campaign as deemed necessary for its operation.


1. Entrants are prohibited from the following:

a. Using another person's CAPCOM ID or using a CAPCOM ID linked to another person's platform ID when entering.
b. Lending, selling, transferring, bequesting, pledging or otherwise offering as security the privileged status to a third party.
c. Violating the CAPCOM ID Terms of Service.
d. Any other acts that the Company deems inappropriate in light of the purpose of this Campaign.

2. If an entrant commits or is deemed likely to commit any of the acts listed in the preceding paragraphs, the Company reserves the right to invalidate the entry or invalidate any reward already granted, as well as refuse the entrant's access to other campaigns offered by the Company in the future.

Changes to the Campaign Terms and Conditions:

1. The Company reserves the right to amend these Campaign Terms and Conditions in whole or in part as necessary.
2. Any changes to these Campaign Terms and Conditions shall take effect 14 days from the date of notification of the changed terms and conditions via the email address registered with the CAPCOM ID used for entry, or the date of posting a notification on the Campaign website, or any other date determined separately by the Company.
3. All entrants who do not withdraw their entry after changes to these Campaign Terms and Conditions are deemed to have accepted the new Camapaign Terms and Conditions.

1 February 2023

Privacy Policy

If you are not of the age required to consent to the processing of your personal information in your country of residence, please show this page to your legal guardian and obtain their permission before giving your consent. The following personal information is collected from CAPCOM ID users and processed as part of this Campaign.

Information collected:
・CAPCOM ID member information as collected and handled lawfully in accordance with the CAPCOM ID Privacy Policy (profile information such as email address, name, country/region; linked platform IDs; CAPCOM ID service usage history, etc.)
・Information entered by entrants in the entry form

・Implementation of this Campaign, including management of entrants, provision of rewards and communication with entrants as required
・Development of improved games and services by the Company in the future (including verification of the effectiveness of this Campaign)
・Providing information on products and services that are highly relevant to this campaign (including sending emails, sending information using Facebook Custom Audience, Twitter Tailored Audience, LINE audience data usage function, and the delivery of advertisements using the audience list of the customer data of Google Ads Customer Match and Yahoo! Advertising)

All matters relating to the handling of personal information in connection with this Campaign that are not mentioned on this page are as set out in our CAPCOM ID Privacy Policy.

1 February 2023

The entry period for this campaign has ended.

For any enquiries regarding this campaign, please contact:

Capcom ID Support

Support is available in English and Japanese only.

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