Hunting Action

New abilities and endemic life add even more excitement to each hunt!

Hunting Action

New Silkbinds

New Silkbind Moves/Attacks have been added for each of the 14 weapons! Utilize these new abilities to further customize your own hunting playstyle.

New Actions for the 14 Weapon Types

Changing Switch Skill Sets
Switch Skill Swap

Red Switch Skill Swap Scroll

Blue Switch Skill Swap Scroll

There are two customizable sets: the Red Switch Skill Swap Scroll and the Blue Switch Skill Swap Scroll. You can use Switch Skill Swap to quickly change back and forth between these two scrolls.

Dodge attacks and maintain your distance!
Swap Evade

Swap evade is a new movement ability that can only be used after a Switch Skill Swap.
It lets you move quickly in any direction, so that you can dodge monster attacks and maintain your distance.

Improved Wall Running

You no longer have to perform a Wiredash in order to initiate a wall run! Simply dash, jump, or perform a midair evade towards a wall in order to run on it. Wall runs can even be initiated from other moves that don't require the Wirebug Gauge.

  • Note: An additional option will allow you to control whether dashing, jumping, and midair evades will initiate a wall run. (Choose from "ON," "OFF" or "OFF only in combat").

Endemic Life

Morphed Wirebugs

Morphed Wirebugs

New types of Wirebugs that shine more brilliantly than regular ones. There are two types, the Ruby Wirebug and the Gold Wirebug. Capturing one will grant you beneficial effects.

  • Shared Effect:
    It becomes easier to initiate Wyvern Riding, and your Wirebug Gauge recovery speed is boosted.
  • Ruby Wirebug Bonus Effect:
    Mounted Punishers do more damage.
  • Gold Wirebug Bonus Effect:
    Wyvern Riding attacks are more likely to cause a monster to drop materials.
  • Note: Only one Morphed Wirebug can be used at a time.

Marionette Spiders

Marionette Spiders

Closely related to the Puppet Spider, these creatures are covered in blue hairs with a striking orange pattern. Their silk can be used to take control of a monster and force it in a desired direction, which, if aimed towards an obstacle, can damage the monster and potentially topple it. Use the spider's silk wisely to create opportunities to attack!

Starburst Bug

Beetles that can be found in star-shaped clusters.
Once established in a location, they remain stationary there for ages.
Their shells are covered in a type of dust that reacts to external stimuli, yielding a change in the creature's color.
Upon impact, such as from a monster, the dust detonates.
While this detonation will cause harm to creatures exposed to it, the beetles themselves are protected by their hard shells, and will simply flee.


Small amphibians found in their droves in the Resinmires of the Citadel's forests.
Their elastic tongues are tipped with suckers used not only for hunting, but also for clinging to wood, masonry, and other creatures.
A ferocious breed that will jump to devour anything, even wounded monsters.
Their bodies swell when attacked, until they emit concentrated gastric acid that makes even large monsters recoil.


A type of squid found in the waters surrounding the Jungle.
These dangerous creatures have a sharp, pointed body that inflicts injury on large monsters merely by swimming past.
Despite their dangerous form, they have no instinct to fight and exist only to swim.
It can be advantageous to lure your prey into the path of these creatures when battling large monsters in the territory of these cephalopods.


A species of hermit crab found in the Jungle.
These creatures favor damp, dark places, and are often found quietly inhabiting caves devoid of sunlight.
Their poor eyesight means they can only identify other creatures of considerable size.
Despite resembling a beautiful purple crystal, they are aggressive and attack anything that invades their territory with precision and gusto.

There are many more types of endemic life in this game,
so make sure to use them on your hunts!