Follow-up: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Regarding detection of unauthorized mods

This is a list of correct Anomaly Investigation values as of Ver.11.0.2.

Please check any Anomaly Investigations you have to see if they fall within these values.
If you find any quests that have incorrect values, please remove them and do not try to play them.

Correct Values Comments
Failure Conditions
(Number of Faints)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9* time(s) *The number of faints can only be “9” for A★1 and A★2 quests.
2 or 4 players *The value is never “1” or “3.”
Number of Targets 1, 2*, 3* monsters *There are no quests with 2 targets below Lv. 20, and no quests with 3 targets below Lv. 40.
Time Limit 25*, 30, 35,50* min. *Two-target quests are always more than 25 min. Three-target quests are always 50 min.
Locales Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands,
Flooded Forest, Sandy Plains,
Lava Caverns, Jungle, Citadel
*These are the only possible locales.

*At present, there is no correlation between modded quests and issues with save data.
We are looking into a way of expanding the filtering function to automatically detect illegal quests.

Below are a couple of examples
of modded quests.

  • ■ Example 1:
    Lv. 51 “Anomaly Investigation: Rathalos”
    Faint 5 times, Max Participants: 4, three targets, 30-minute time limit.
    ⇒ There are three targets, but the time limit is not 50, so this is modded data.
  • ■ Example 2:
    Lv. 95 “Anomaly Investigation: Diablos”
    Faint 2 times, Max Participants: 4, two targets, 25-minute time limit.
    ⇒ There are two targets, which means the time limit can never be 25, so this is modded data.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak dev team