Follow-up: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Nintendo Switch) How to prevent your save file size from increasing

If your save data grows too large, this may cause an error and crash the game when saving or loading.* As of Ver.11.0.2, we have identified an issue with save file sizes growing too large when the player has set augmented armor to the "Vaunted Qurious Crafter" part of their Guild Card.

*For a temporary fix for this issue, please refer to the announcement made on September 2.
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Nintendo Switch version) Apology and notification regarding errors causing the game to crash

To prevent your save file size from increasing (and causing related errors),
please make sure that you do not set any armor that has no augments under the Augmentation Status.*
*i.e. armor where augmentation is enabled, but not augments have been made.

If you have ever set armor like this to your Vaunted Qurious Crafter page, we encourage you to check and change it in order to avoid this save data issue.

We are currently still looking for a fix for this issue.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

*There is no correlation between this issue and the separate matter of illegally modified data.
We have not identified any save data issues resulting from possessing illegal quest data.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak dev team