Follow-up: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Nintendo Switch)
Regarding fixes for the errors causing the game to crash

These errors will be addressed across two separate updates, as detailed below.

Ver.12.0.0: September 29
This will fix an error which may occur when you try to save or go to a loading screen while having save data which has grown too large in size. This will prevent this particular error from affecting your save data.

Ver.12.0.1: October (date TBC)
This will fix the error occurring when your save data size has grown too large due to augmented armor being registered to the “Vaunted Qurious Crafter” page of your Guild Card.

* Since the issue of save data size increasing will be addressed in Ver.12.0.1, please keep using the prevention method we posted on September 12 for the time being.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

* There is no correlation between this issue and the separate matter of unauthorized mods.
We have not identified any save data issues resulting from possessing modded quest data.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak dev team