Follow-up: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Expansion of countermeasures for mods in Ver.12.0.1 / Ver.

Ver.12.0.1 / Ver., which was released today, contains an expansion of the countermeasures for modded Anomaly Investigations.

- The filtering function for automatically identifying unauthorized quests has been expanded, preventing players from accepting such quests at the Quest Counter, as well as preventing other players from accepting such quests in the unlikely event that they can be found on the Quest Board.

- If players joined an unauthorized quest midway via a Join Request, a message will be displayed in chat, recommending you to leave the quest.

If you have any quests that you think may not be authorized, please delete them without playing them.

*At present, it is not possible for possession of unauthorized quests to affect your save data.
*The separate issue of errors causing the Nintendo Switch version to crash will also be fixed in Ver.12.0.1.

We thank you for your cooperation in making the gameplay experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Dev Team