Nintendo Switch:Ver. 16.0.2 Steam:Ver.


In order to use DLC and play online, you need to update Monster Hunter Rise to the latest version.

January 22, 2024
Required Space (only this update)

Nintendo Switch: About 150 MB
Steam: About 250 MB
Please make sure you have enough free space.


  • The below collaborations can no longer be downloaded.
    Event Quest: Gotta Hoard Fast!
    Event Quest: Super Shady Look-alike
    Event Quest: USJ - Shrine Showdown!
    Event Quest: USJ - Arzuros Onslaught!
    Downloadable Palico: MEOW LIMIT!
    Downloadable Palico: Yasu

    *If you have already downloaded this content, you will be able to keep using it as normal, but you will not be able to redownload it.
  • The banners on the title screen will no longer be shown.
    Since the banners will be removed, the "Receive Promotional Content" option will also be deleted.
  • Some system data will be updated.