Gain boons from endemic life

The creatures that live in each area are known as endemic life.
They grant a variety of boons to hunters.

Permabuffers increase your status until the end of the quest


A small species of bird that increase your health, stamina, attack, or defense until the end of the quest.
The extent of the increase as well as the duration depend on the Petalace you have equipped.

A new piece of equipment: The Petalace
This bracelet is made of a plant known as a Sending Sprig, and it can be equipped just like a weapon or a piece of armor.
The pollen Spiribirds carry with them attaches to the Petalace, enveloping the hunter in a sweet, energizing fragrance that grants a permanent status boost until the end of the quest.
There are various types of Petalace; some more likely to raise your attack, others more likely to raise your maximum health for instance. Pick a type that best suits your needs.

Hunting Helpers can be captured
and used as items


A type of weasel that release a special, smoke-like pheromone when used, allowing it to attract nearby large monsters.
Use it to lure one large monster towards another, causing a turf war.

You can hold up to five Hunting Helpers in your Helper Cage, from where you'll be able to use them as items until the end of the quest.

Ensnaring life imparts helpful effects when hunting monsters


A species of carnivorous fish that goes absolutely wild when you give them raw meat.
Any monster or hunter nearby is bound to get swept up in their ferociously voracious behavior, taking damage in the process.

Temp Buffers grant temporary boons


A butterfly that releases a cloud of dust when it is disturbed.
This dust contains a component that has a tightening effect on human skin, temporarily increasing defense.

There are many more types of endemic life in this game, so make sure to use them on your hunts!