Ferocious monsters

There are plenty of monsters with unique ecologies!

Magnamalo is the flagship monster of this game.
Its face exudes a fearsome malice, and its hide is as tough as armor, as if it were the physical manifestation of the grudges of fallen warriors.
The purple gas that rises from its body when it eats other monsters is called "Hellfire," and it makes Magnamalo's already ferocious attacks even more destructive.
Crimson Glow Valstrax
A mutant Valstrax fearsomely dubbed the "Crimson Glow."
This elder dragon typically secludes itself in the upper atmosphere, but it has been driven mad by its own rampant energy, causing it to lash out at anything in its sight.
Once it sights its prey, it swoops down, trampling them beneath its shifting wingblades.
Apex Zinogre
A Zinogre so mighty, it was crowned an Apex.
Its body is covered in scars and wounds as if it had been caught in a storm, and it's seemingly always dominated by wrath and terror.
Its forelegs—and their every strike—brim with ferocious sparks.