Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer's Guide for Rookie Hunters Monster Hunter Rise Newcomer's Guide for Rookie Hunters

What kind of game is "Monster Hunter Rise"?

A hunting action game set in a world where giant Monsters roam the earth.
As the hunter, you hunt these monsters and collect materials to craft and upgrade your armor and weapons with the goal of becoming a skilled hunter.

Basic Game Flow

  • Take on Quests from your fellow villagers.

    As a hunter, you will be asked to go on different Quests from your fellow villagers.
    Before setting out, don't forget to check that your armor, weapons, and items are in order!

  • Explore the locale and hunt monsters.

    Locate the target monster in the locale, and hunt it down!
    You trusty hunting Buddies will support you along the way!

  • Take your hunting gear to the next level!

    Bring the materials collected from your hunts and expeditions to
    the Smithy in order to craft and/or upgrade your armor and weapons!

Free Support Armor for beginners!
Use this equipment to quickly reach the beginning of Sunbreak!

Use the "Black Belt S" hunter armor set and 14 "Defender" weapons to complete the 7★ Hub Quest "Serpent Goddess of Thunder" so that you can quickly progress to the world of Sunbreak!

Support Equipment Trailer

  • "Black Belt S" hunter armor set
  • High rank "Defender" weapon tree
    (includes all 14 types)

Learn more about the daily life of a Hunter!

Master Utsushi, your mentor in Kamura Village,
will walk you through a typical day in the life of a Hunter!

Master Utsushi's Hints for Hunters

Learn the basic controls!

For those new to the "Monster Hunter" series games,
check out this walkthrough for the most basic action controls!

Beginner's Guide to Monster Hunter Rise
- Basic Actions

Learn the basic flow of a hunt through
this helpful video!

It's time to get out there and hunt!
Check out this quick walkthrough of a typical hunting Quest.

Hunting 101

Try out the game for free with
the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Demo!

Start by getting used to the controls via the Basic Training Quest,
or dive right into the deep end and go on an actual hunt!

Monster Hunter Rise
DEMO Version2

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DEMO

Demo download code:D3GM3304804B7F2B

Different from the full-game,
the demo offers preset armor and fixed equipment.
In the full-game, you will be able to equip your gear
and wield your desired weapons freely as you
take on these challenging monsters!

The Malzeno Quest offered in the demo is
a special Advanced difficulty quest, tailor-made for the demo.
Beginners may want to start off with
the Great Izuchi Quest for a less intense first hunt!

Once you've gotten used to the controls,
it's time to utilize the Wirebug!

The Wirebug lets you freely traverse locales and lets you perform powerful and dynamic weapon attacks!
Master Wirebug mobility with this handy guide!

Hunting 101 – Wirebug

Discover the perfect weapon for yourself!

For those wondering what weapons to try out first,
here's the top five most played weapons for your reference!
(Data collected from the month of April 2021)

Time to master the basics!

You can try out one of the most used weapons first!
Check out these useful beginner’s guides for a start.

If you just can't decide, let this quiz do the work for you!

In the game, you will be able to test out all weapon actions
at the Training Area facilities.

Village Facilities Introduction: the Training Area

Don't miss these videos
introducing all 14 different weapon types!

A Hunter's life awaits you
at Kamura Village!