Buddies providing support

The Palicoes you already know and love are joined by the brand new Palamutes!

Palamutes Palamutes


Palamutes are a new type of Buddy that will join you on your hunts.
They will synchronize their attacks with you, and they will even let you ride on their backs!

As long as you're riding a Palamute, you will not consume any stamina, so you can run across the fields to your heart's content.
You can even use some items and recover health while on the move!

Can you pet them? Of course you can!

Palicoes Palicoes


Of course the Palicoes also make their triumphant return.

As always, they will provide you with various kinds of support.

Can you pet them? Of course you can!

In single player mode, you can take any combination of two Buddies with you.
In multiplayer mode, you can only bring along one Buddy, so choose wisely!

Character Creation

You can create not just your own player character, but your own Palico and Palamute as well.
You can customize your Palamute's coat, eyes, ears, tail, and voice, and Palicoes let you pick your favorite support type on top of that too!