Fend off hordes of monsters in The Rampage

This is a new quest type where you have to protect Kamura Village from hordes of monsters.
Use Hunting Installations and occasionally get up-close and personal to complete these quests!

Waves of monsters are on their way!
Hunts on a scale like never before!

Numerous monsters attack in hordes, led by a Major Threat.
The place is crawling with large monsters...

As its name implies, the Major Threat is larger and stronger than your average monster.

The Stage of Battle

The Stronghold

Kamura Village was almost wiped out during The Rampage 50 years ago.
To prevent this from happening again, the villagers put all of their technological knowledge together to develop the Stronghold.

This is where you'll face the calamity, alongside your friends from the village.
You'll have to make use of its solid defense and various Hunting Installations to protect your hometown from the monsters.

Various Hunting Installations

Your friends will help you out too!
Use Hunting Installations to give the monsters a warm welcome!

During these quests, you can use special Hunting Installations that were developed for the sole purpose of stopping the Rampage.
Make use of the prep time in-between monster hordes to place these devices all over the Stronghold.

There are three main types of installations.
Make sure you use the right one for each situation and objective.

  • Manned Type

    Ballistae, cannons, etc. Requires a mounted hunter to fire.

  • Auto Type

    Activates automatically in certain cases. Examples include Defender Ballistae, which attack nearby monsters.

  • Limited Supply Type

    Only a certain number of these can be set up, so you may call on Hinoa and Minoto for help, for instance.

  • Hinoa and Minoto will help you out with a combo attack in perfect sync.
    You can't fight the Rampage without the help of your friends from the village!

  • Repel monsters to increase the level of the Stronghold.
    As the level increases, you'll get to place new kinds of Hunting Installations.
    Unlock new weapons like Machine Cannons to unleash a hail of bullets!

Turn the tide of battle with powerful installations!

There are also exist some extremely powerful Hunting Installations, like the Dragonator and the Splitting Wyvernshot.
Once you use them, it takes a while before they can be used again, but if you nail the timing, they can make the difference between victory or defeat!

Counter Signal

Gain a huge boost to your strength!

When the Counter Signal is activated, all hunters get raring to go, and gain a significant increase in their attack.
This is the time to pick up your weapon and get up-close and personal!

The Counter Signal is activated automatically during the Rampage, but can also be manually activated by deploying a Counter Gong.

The biggest threat of all: Apexes

Apexes are even stronger than regular monsters!