Free Title Update (Ver.3.9) and Support Armor arriving on February 24!

In preparation for the massive expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which will release in Summer of 2022, we will be releasing a set of "Defender" weapons (for all 14 weapon types), the "Black Belt" armor set, and the "Veteran's Talisman" to help out players who have just started playing or will be playing Monster Hunter Rise in the future.


February 24, 2022

Support Armor Trailer

  • The "Black Belt" armor set is also available as layered armor.
  • After updating to Ver.3.9, you'll be able to claim the "Defender" weapons, the "Black Belt" armor set, and the "Veteran's Talisman" from Senri the Mailman.
  • The release date is subject to change.

"Defender" weapon set
(includes all 14 types)

  • These weapons will support you during early quests with their fearsome attack power.

  • You'll even be able to upgrade them as you progress in the game, so they will help you reach high rank in no time!

"Black Belt" armor set

Introducing the powerful new "Black Belt" armor set. This set is sure to help you out in the early game with its tough defense.

Total defense when wearing all parts:

(180 when upgraded to max)


This armor set has several skills, some of which increase your attack power, while others increase your health recovery, and reduce the effect of monster roars. You will also be able to obtain this set as layered armor.

"Veteran's Talisman"


Make use of this talisman's skills to gain the upper hand over monsters!

Apart from the "Black Belt" armor set releasing on February 24, we are also currently offering the "Guild Cross" armor set, which improves your harvesting skills.
Use these handy support items to make your way to high rank in no time!