About Free Title Update "Ver.2.0"

The free Title Update "Ver.2.0" contains several monsters, like Teostra and Kushala Daora,
as well as some new Apex monsters.
It also adds standard quests for some Apex monsters,
and it allows you to forge "layered armor" to change your appearance!


12 a.m. UTC on April 28

Standard quests for Apex Monsters

Some Apex Monsters will get their own standard quests.
They broke free from the Rampage to wreak havoc around various locales!

Magnamalo appears in Rampage Quests

Magnamalo, the flagship monster of this game, will now appear during Rampage Quests.
Use Hunting Installations or get up-close and personal to protect the village!

Unlock your Hunter Rank cap and challenge new monsters!

Up until now, your Hunter Rank was capped at 7, but if you update to Ver.2.0, the cap will be removed depending on how far you've progressed in the Hub Quests.
Once the cap is removed, you'll earn Hunter Rank points after every quest.
As you increase your Hunter Rank, quests featuring the newly added monsters will start appearing.
You'll also gain access to new Rampage Quests, Arena Quests, and advanced single player quests that'll really test your skill!

Unlock your Hunter Rank cap and start forging layered armor!

Once you've unlocked the cap, you'll be able to forge layered armor, which allows you to change your hunter's appearance without sacrificing the skills and stats of your regular armor.
Bring some fashion to your hunts!

Lots of free Event Quests!

There will be plenty of Event Quests you can download via the internet, after you've installed the free Title Update "Ver.2.0."
Once you've downloaded an Event Quest, you'll be able to play it offline too, as many times as you want.
There will also be Event Quests that reward you with gestures and stickers!