Weapons and Armor

Enter a new hunting dimension with the 14 weapon types!
Thanks to the Wirebug's powers, your actions are bigger, more powerful, and more spectacular than ever before!
Pick the armor and Talismans that best suit your playstyle, and get ready for a new hunt!

New Actions for the 14 Weapon Types

Hunters can wield 14 different kinds of weapons.
Below are some videos introducing the characteristics and new actions for each weapon.

New Feature
Switch Skills

As you progress in the game, you'll unlock the ability to switch out certain regular attacks and Silkbind Attacks at will.
Each weapon has three types of these Switch Skills, granting you a larger repertoire of moves.
This new feature greatly enhances the options available to you in combat.

Switch Skills [Great Sword]
  • Hunting Edge
  • Adamant Charged Slash

Freely Combine Armor and Talismans

Your armor consists of five pieces, and each piece has its own defense and elemental resistance stats, as well one or more skills that will help you on your hunt.
Skills can also be added by equipping Talismans, which can be earned by progressing in the game.
Make sure you pick the right skills to suit your playstyle and objectives!


Skills are a variety of abilities that affect hunters in a number of ways.
Each Talisman or piece of armor has its own skills, which are activated just by equipping the corresponding gear.
If you equip more than one piece of gear with the same skill, this will augment the effect.
(Note that each skill has its own level cap.)
If you equip three or more pieces of the same armor set, you will receive a bonus to all of your resistance stats.