Experience new hunting actions with the Wirebug

The Wirebug doesn't just feel great to move around with,
it introduces powerful new weapon attacks as well.

Use the Wirebug to freely traverse locales!


A quick forward dash that even lets you move through the air.
It's not just a great way of reaching your objective, but it can be chained into attacks and aerial dodges as well, so it's very helpful during hunts.

Wall Run

This can be performed by executing a Wiredash towards a wall.
You'll keep climbing even the steepest of slopes until your stamina is depleted.


An evasive move that can be used when you're pushed over or knocked back.
It allows you to regain your footing quickly, so that you can avoid follow-up attacks from monsters.

Silkbind Attack

A special attack using the Wirebug. All 14 weapons have their own unique Silkbind attacks.
It can be performed with your weapon drawn, making utmost use of the characteristics of each weapon.

The above actions all consume Wirebug gauge, but the number of gauges required and the ensuing cooldown time differ per action.

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Wreak havoc using Wyvern Riding!

Wyvern Riding

Wreak havoc by
controlling monsters!

Wyvern Riding is a new feature that lets you bind monsters so you can control them.
Normally, monsters are your biggest enemy,
but you can turn them into your greatest ally if you're smart!

Try to mount a monster by landing specific attacks or luring it into a fight with another monster!

Get monsters into a "mountable state" by attacking them enough with Wirebug attacks, letting them fight each other, or using certain Endemic Life.

Approach a monster in this state and land a blow, or sheathe your weapon and press the corresponding button to start Wyvern Riding.

Control raging monsters and perform lots of wild actions!

If you manage to control the monster properly, you'll be able to perform special attacks and dodges.

  • A Variety of

  • Shrug off

  • Launch

A wide array of moves using each monster's abilities

You have two types of regular attacks at your disposal: a quick weak attack, or a strong attack that does a lot of damage but moves more slowly.
Some of these attacks will change depending on specific combinations.
Try riding as many different monsters as you can!

Shrugging off Attacks

Attacks and flinches while Wyvern Riding can be canceled by performing an Emergency Evade, which consumes Wirebug Gauge.
Executing an evasive command just as you're attacked by another monster will stun it, allowing you to shrug off an attack!

Launch Monsters to Topple Them!

While Wyvern Riding, you can dismount and launch the monster forward.
The monster will take damage and topple over if it collides with a wall or an obstacle.

Charge the Wyvern Riding Gauge to pull off a Mounted Punisher!

While Wyvern Riding, your Wyvern Riding Gauge will fill up as you attack other monsters. Once it's full, you can use a Mounted Punisher.
Each monster has its own powerful Punisher, so make sure to try them all out!

Monster Hunter Rise Tutorial Videos