Unique locales

Explore new hunting grounds with more freedom than ever before!

Lava Caverns

This large cave system is divided into a searing hot area with flowing lava, and a nice cool area with beautifully pure water.
It would be a wonderfully mystical environment if it wasn't teeming with monsters...

Sandy Plains

A desolate wasteland, filled with aggressive monsters that hunger for flesh and blood.
During the day, the sun beats down on the plains mercilessly, but at night it's lit up by the cool moonlight.

Frost Islands

The Frost Islands used to be the nest of a gigantic dragon.
Many heroes lost their lives trying to slay the beast, turning it into a barren place of desolation and death.
In the center of the islands lie giant dragon bones and the remnants of a Dragonship, the final traces left by a desperate struggle.

Flooded Forest

A dense region of deep, dark green.
Due to a constant flow of water, the majority of this forest has become submerged.
The eye-catching ruins here can be scaled by using the Wirebug.

Shrine Ruins

Once a place where people prayed for protection,
this shrine has fallen into decay and is now haunted by the roars of monsters, day and night.
However, it still maintains its holy nature and exudes a mysterious aura.