Ferocious monsters

There are plenty of monsters with unique ecologies!

Magnamalo is the flagship monster of this game.
Its face exudes a fearsome malice, and its hide is as tough as armor, as if it were the physical manifestation of the grudges of fallen warriors.
The purple gas that rises from its body when it eats other monsters is called "Hellfire," and it makes Magnamalo's already ferocious attacks even more destructive.
This creature's body is covered in webbing, as if it's wearing a white gown.
It uses its webs to stop hunters in their tracks, before attacking them with burning gas.
It is always seen carrying its offspring with it. Known as "Rachnoid," these little creatures provide their mother with support in moving around and catching prey. Be very careful of their combined attacks.
This Flying Wyvern with its characteristic rock-hard carapace returns once again.
It burrows underground, mimicking rocks and savaging oblivious prey.
It uses the toughness of its hide to devastating effect by charging at its foes.
This creature, covered in thick red shells tough enough to withstand magma, is back to ruin your day.
Its rounded body is perfect for rolling across hot surfaces, and its long tongue is ideal for capturing prey. Its saliva emits a paralyzing toxin that should be avoided.
This creature usually keeps to itself deep in the mountains, but recently it has been approaching human habitation and attacking hunters, perhaps because of the Rampage.
It's adept at using mud to attack, and even defends itself by sticking it on its body.
From its tail oozes a strange golden fluid, which it uses to dissolve the ground beneath its prey, arresting them in a mire so that it can drag them under.
The unstoppable Tyrant of the Desert returns to trample many a hunter beneath its powerful legs yet again.
It is extremely territorial and displays an inordinate amount of aggression towards intruders.
It uses its massive horns to charge at its foes, so extreme caution is advised when in the vicinity of this creature.
The series' evergreen monster is back again to throw fireballs at your face.
With powerful legs and a poison-secreting tail, it hunts mainly on the ground, earning it the moniker "Queen of the Land."
The series' most prominent purveyor of violence.
Few sightings of it are ever reported, mostly because the eyewitnesses do not survive long enough to tell the tale.
It is said though, that part of its pelt turns a golden color when it's angered.