Support equipment to reach the beginning of Sunbreak will be made available for free on June 29!

"Black Belt S" hunter armor set & high rank "Defender" weapon tree!


June 29, 2022

You need to update the game to Ver.10.0 or later to claim the support equipment.

Support Equipment

"Black Belt S" hunter armor set

  • Sports a defense of 330 (360 when upgraded to maximum), enough to withstand even high rank monster attacks!

  • You can increase its defense even more by equipping decorations!

You can claim these from Senri the Mailman as soon as you start the game!

High rank "Defender" weapon tree

The 14 "Defender" weapons, which are already available, will get a high rank upgrade tree!
If you keep upgrading these weapons as you complete quests, they will become powerful enough to face even high rank monsters!

Use the "Black Belt S" hunter armor set and 14 "Defender" weapons to complete the 7★ Hub Quest "Serpent Goddess of Thunder" and explore the world of Sunbreak!

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