Obtain new layered armor to make your Palamute look like Amaterasu from Okami!
Capcom Collab 2 Event Quest Coming on July 30!

A new Event Quest to unlock layered armor to make your Palamute look like Amaterasu, the main character from "Okami," the popular action-adventure game with beautiful painting-like graphics, and a heart-warming story!
Try out this Japan-flavored Event Quest!


July 30

Capcom Collab 2 Trailer

Palamute layered armor "Ammy Costume"

Earn materials to forge layered armor that'll turn your Palamute into Amaterasu from Okami!

Equip this to change the look and bark of your Palamute!
It will even support you with one of each type of the three Divine Instruments: a Reflector, a Rosary, and a Glaive!

The effects while riding your Palamute will change depending on the locale as well!
Even Issun, Ammy's trusty travel companion, will make his appearance!
Don't miss out on this unique layered armor!