Commemorating pre-orders going live for Monster Hunter Stories on
Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam!

Available for a limited time only, Monster Hunter’s first anime
“Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On” Episodes 1 and 2!

until March, 2025!

Episode 1: The Power of Bonds


Hidden in a world where people hunt down monsters, a small group of people known as “Riders” choose to live in harmony with their monsters, called “Monsties”. Lute, an aspiring young Rider sets out with best friends Cheval, Lilia, and “pawtner” Navirou on a journey to find his first Monstie egg in the forbidden land and become the world’s best Rider.

Episode 2: A Monstie is Born!


After Lute hatches his first Monstie egg, Rathalos – King of the Skies, Cheval and Lilia worry about their futures as Riders. Lute and his friends go through the “Kinship Rite” to become Riders while a Tigrex unexpectedly attacks Hakum Village.