Fight powerful enemies with your Monstie by your side!

The battle system is turn-based with three attack types: Power,
Technical, and Speed. Try to predict your opponent's move and trump their attack.

There's more than just Monsties! Weapons and Armor
from other Monster Hunter titles are also featured!

Forge and upgrade weapons and armor with all kinds of designs and effects!

Turn the tables with Kinship Skills

As the Kinship between Rider and Monstie deepens, you'll be able to ride them.
While Riding a Monstie, you'll be able to use special Kinship Skills with the power to flip the script in battle!


Sky-High Dive

Makes use of aerial mobility to fall from above and burn everything in its path!


Voltage Crash

They leap up while heavily electrified and fall to earth, crushing the enemy.


Rock Smash

Tigrex leaps down from a cliff, smashing the ground with enough force to crack it.