Raise Monsties exactly the way you want!

Every Monstie has genes.
Even monsters of the same species have different kinds!

Yian Kut-Ku

Channel genes from one Monstie to another to awaken new abilities!

A Lagombi with brand new powers

Raise a Monstie of your very own using the Rite of Channeling!

Customize your appearance to fit your style!

Create a character who looks just like you. Customize your body type, appearance, and name!

Fight using your Monsties!

Make a Battle Party of your favorite Monsties, set your preferred rules, and compete with other players.

Battle Rules


Ensure a fair battle by balancing levels.

No Limit

A battle with almost no restrictions.

One Heart

Sudden death rules.

Complete quests and gain an edge in the story!


Gather items and forge equipment in subquests!

Forge Quests

Complete Forge Quests to earn new weapons and armor!