Patch: Ver.1.4.1


  • In order to use DLC and access online features such as online multiplayer, you need to update Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin to the latest version.
7 October, 2021
Required Space

About 0.3 GB (only this update)

  • - If you have just purchased the digital version, the total amount of required space (including the base game) adds up to about 29.8 GB.
  • - Please make sure you have enough empty space before you download the update.

Main Additions / Changes

Additional Monster

  • Dreadking Rathalos

Additional Co-Op Quests

  • ★9 (Explore) Elder Dragon Den
  • ★9 (Turn) Dreadking & Molten
  • ★9 (Slay) Dreadking Rathalos
  • ★9 (Slay) Molten Tigrex

Additional Subquests

  • ★8 Sky-Rending Roar
  • ★8 King Among Kings
  • ★8 (Special) A Meaty Proposition