Free Title Update #2
Featuring Kulve Taroth as a Co-Op Quest Exclusive Monster!

Slay Kulve Taroth together with a fellow Rider to get your hands on special materials you can't get anywhere else!
Kulve Taroth
These Elder Dragons are protected by a glittering coat of metal that covers their scales. Some of this precious metal comes from the weapons of defeated Hunters who once tried to slay them.

Note: Although Kulve Taroth will not be available as a Monstie, you can get special materials from them which can be used to forge powerful equipment.

Co-Op ★8:(Time) The Goddess of Gold

Slay all of the target monsters within 30 minutes. Rewards will differ depending on the time required to complete the quest.

Break the parts of metal-covered Kulve Taroth to reveal its true form. Even though it will flee from battle one time, a fearsome foe awaits the Rider who dares to pursue it again. Kulve Taroth—the monster that first appeared in Monster Hunter: World—comes to Stories 2, featuring its unique characteristics!