Monster Hunter Support Info

Notification of the end of collab DLC content
for Monster Hunter Rise

  • Platform
  • Switch
  • Steam
  • XSX|S
  • XONE
  • Windows
  • PS5
  • PS4

The below collaboration content that is currently available, can no longer be downloaded from January 21, 2024.
If you do not download this content before the above date, you will not be able to receive the rewards or obtain the quests.
― If you have already downloaded this content, you will be able to keep using it as normal, but you will not be able to redownload it.

Collab Content
Sonic the Hedgehog
Event Quest: Gotta Hoard Fast!
“Sonic Costume” Palico layered armor
“Canyne Tails” Canyne layered armor
Sonic Figurine, Knuckles Figurine, Tails Figurine
Event Quest: Super Shady Look-alike
“Sonic Wear” Hunter layered armor
Universal Studios Japan
Event Quest: USJ – Shrine Showdown!
“Azure Star Blade I” Hunter weapon
“Azure Era Wyrmbow I” Hunter weapon
“Azure Age” Hunter armor set
Event Quest: USJ – Arzuros Onslaught!
“Azure Era” Palico armor set and “F Azure Era Fan” Palico weapon
“Azure Era” Canyne armor set and “C Azure Era Wyrmblade” Canyne weapon
Downloadable Palico: MEOW LIMIT!
Downloadable Palico: Yasu