HUNTING 波紋1波紋2波紋3波紋3

Hunting action is bigger than ever.
New moves, a huge variety of weapons and equipment,
and more ways to use monsters and environment to your advantage.



The 14 iconic weapon types from the Monster Hunter series will each make their return! Great Sword — Long Sword — Sword & Shield — Dual Blades — Hammer — Hunting Horn — Lance — Gunlance — Switch Axe —
Charge Blade — Insect Glaive — Light Bowgun — Heavy Bowgun — Bow

New action features and new moves for each weapon type will help you make the most of any situation during your hunts.

Focus Mode Focus Mode allows you to aim your attacks and guard abilities. You can also use Focus Mode to pinpoint monster weaknesses,
which can be targeted with special new attacks that will deal big damage!
By making it easier to space yourself and aim your attacks during hunts,
Focus Mode will make it even easier for players of all stripes to get in on the hunting action.

The slinger returns as an indispensable hunter tool. Use it to fire rocks, seeds, and other natural ammo,
or even use it to trigger objects in the environment.

Hook Slinger The hook slinger is the newest evolution of the slinger, allowing you to gather all types of materials from a distance.
It can be used while mounted on a Seikret, and can even be used to interact with certain environmental objects or trigger traps.