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New Headquarters

A new base built as the headquarters for investigations in the Hoarfrost Reach.
It's complete with a variety of useful facilities and features to rival those of Astera, all of which are powered by the land's plentiful geothermal energy.

Major Seliana Facilities

Seliana features all of the same facilities that are essential to your investigations, such as the Ecological Research Center, the Smithy, the Resource Center, and the rest. Additionally, Seliana's layout was designed to ensure even easier accessibility to each of the facilities.

Your Housekeeper has also set up a little booth outside your room, so you can more easily access facilities like the Tailraider Safari.

You can also manage your Palico's equipment next to the item box, making it easier to quickly set up both your hunter's and Palico's equipment.

Seliana's New Facility:
The Steamworks

The Steamworks is a new facility that burns fuel to create steam, which is used to power the rest of the facilities in Seliana!
Fuel accumulates automatically after completing quests. You can also obtain it in exchange for items and ore materials.
By collecting fuel and using it to help out at the Steamworks, you can earn all sorts of extra items!

Use fuel (points) to help the Steamworks make steam for the base! You'll obtain items based on how well you perform in a mini-game that challenges you to guess correct button combinations. Try it out in-between quests!

The Top Brass of Seliana