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New Elements


Evolved Hunting Actions
Your arsenal of available actions has been greatly expanded with new moves and slinger combos, for a more polished hunting experience!

New Tool: The Clutch Claw

The clutch claw is an extension of the slinger, allowing you to grapple onto monsters using a sharp, claw-shaped hook. When clinging onto a monster, new maneuvers become available to you, such as controlling the monster's movement.

Cling onto the monster's head and unload all of your slinger ammo.
This lets you push the monster in the direction it's facing.
Slam it into a wall to create an opening for attack, or push it towards a trap!

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While clinging on to a monster, you can also perform powerful finishers with your weapon.

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New Actions and Combos

You can now fire the slinger with your weapon drawn!
You can also use various items while readying your slinger with your weapon drawn!

Slinger Burst lets you fire a powerful shot at the cost of some range. This is a great way to make monsters flinch!
It works with specific weapons, like the great sword and the dual blades.

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There are many more new moves for every weapon type!