New Elements


Evolved Hunting Actions
Your arsenal of available actions has greatly expanded with new moves and slinger combos, for a more polished hunting experience!

New Tool: The Clutch Claw

The clutch claw is an extension of the slinger, allowing you to grapple onto monsters using a sharp, claw-shaped hook. When clinging onto a monster, new maneuvers become available, such as controlling the monster's movement.

Grapple onto a monster with the claw, and while clinging you can use special attacks with your weapon, or even perform a new "flinch shot" that sends monsters reeling forward!

Watch Video: The Clutch Claw

New Combos and Mechanics for Every Weapon Type

A New Mode of Transport: Raider Ride!

Raider Ride lets you use small monster tailraiders as a mode of transportation.
Whistle to call a tailraider, and then get ready to ride!

Pin your destination on the wildlife map and you'll be taken there automatically. If you don't pin a destination, your raider ride will try to find tracks, so you can track a target while prepping for a hunt.

While on a raider ride, you can gather, use items and your slinger, open your wildlife map, as well as other specific actions.
You cannot control the monster directly.