New Element


Master Rank: A New Quest Rank

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a massive expansion that adds an entire new quest rank—master rank—to the original low and high ranks. Master rank opens up all new materials and, of course, monsters that are a step up from what you faced in high rank!

View Mode for Better Screenshots!

View mode makes it easier to take just the right screenshot or group photo with your friends. You can also easily hide other UI elements while you're in view mode.

More Features for Squads, the In-game Social Groups

Squad Cards

Squad Cards show your squad name, emblem, and other useful info like what kind of members you're recruiting.
Squad leaders and sub-leaders can send a Squad Card to any player in the same Online Session as them to invite them to their squad.
Squad join requests made via Squad Card can be sent or accepted even when both players are not currently in the same Online Session.

Appointing a Sub-leader

Squad leaders can now designate sub-leaders that have the ability to send Squad Cards and accept squad join requests.

Changing Your Squad Emblem

The squad emblem icon and base design can now be changed even after it's been created.

The Guiding Lands

Completing the main story of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne opens up the Guiding Lands as a new expedition locale in the World Map. The Guiding Lands is a mysterious location comprised of multiple "regions" that represent different environments. Activity in each region affects every other region, and these fluctuations cause changes in their ecosystems. As you explore the Guiding Lands, you may also obtain very special materials from monsters or gathering points.

Keep investigating to discover more, but as you do, be sure to pay special attention to each region's unique characteristics and changes in their ecosystems!

See the web manual for more detailed information!