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Value Packs

Gesture Pack 1
Dance, Prance, Regret, Clap
Gesture Pack 2
Play Possum, Kowtow, Sleep, Kneel
Gesture Pack 3
Passionate, Spin-O-Rama, Air Splits
Gesture Pack 4
Feverish Dance, Interpretive Dance, Gallivanting Dance
Gesture Pack 5
Windmill Whirlwind, Squat Day
Gesture Pack 6
Disco Fever, Spirit Fingers
Gesture Pack 7
Hip Hop Dance, Cool Dance
Gesture Pack 8
Pop Star Dance, Step Dance
Sticker Set Pack 1
Poogie Set, Guild Lasses Set
Sticker Set Pack 2
Endemic Life Set, Research Commission Set, Classic Monsters Set
Sticker Set Pack 3
Celestial Pursuit Girls Set, Monsters of the New World Set
Face Paint Pack
Shade Pattern, Heart Shape, Eye Shadow
Deluxe Kit
(Layered Armor) Samurai Set; (Gestures) Zen, Ninja Star, Sumo Slap; (Sticker Sets) MH All-Stars Set, Sir Loin Set; (Facepaint) Wyvern; (Hairstyle) Topknot

Additional Gestures

Additional Chat Stickers


Free Character Edit Voucher
You can use this voucher at the save data select screen to change the gender and appearance of a character you've already created.


- You can only get one "Free Character Edit Voucher".

- You can only change your player character's appearance once with this voucher.

- You can only use this voucher for one character.

- This voucher is not necessary in order to change your character's hair, eyebrow color, facial hair, makeup and face paint, or clothing. Access the Item Box in your room to change these settings.

- You cannot change your character's name, or your Palico's name or appearance.

Handler Costumes