Kamura Village,
the setting of the story

A serene village, known for its Tatara Steel.
It contains various facilities that are essential to hunters, such as the Smithy. It is also inhabited by a colorful cast of supporting characters.

Colorful Characters

  • Fugen the Elder

    Fugenthe Elder

  • Hinoa the Quest Maiden

    Hinoathe Quest Maiden

  • Yomogi the Chef

    Yomogithe Chef

  • Hamon the Blacksmith

    Hamonthe Blacksmith

  • Kagero the Merchant

    Kagerothe Merchant

  • Komitsu the Sweettooth

    Komitsuthe Sweettooth

  • Guild Master Hojo

    Guild Master

  • Minoto the Hub Maiden

    Minotothe Hub Maiden

  • Master Utsushi


  • Buddy Handler Iori

    Buddy Handler

  • Felyne Chief Kogarashi

    Felyne Chief

  • Rondine the Trader

    Rondinethe Trader

A new pet to help you out on quests: the Cohoot

Cohoots are popular pets in Kamura, beloved for their affectionate and clever nature.
Apart from providing some much-needed comfort to hunters, they also help out on quests by showing the positions of monsters.
In-between quests, you can dress them up in fancy outfits, so make sure to give them the daily attention they deserve.

Village Facilities

  • Gathering Hub

  • Hub Prep Area

  • Buddy Plaza

  • Training Area

Take on a variety of quests at the Gathering Hub!

Related Friends

  • Minoto


  • Hojo


  • Utsushi


A place of relaxation used by all of the villagers.
This is where you can take on Hub Quests and Arena Quests, and there are various facilities such as the canteen and the market to support hunters in their endeavors.

The Hub Prep Area

The Gathering Hub has a special area full of facilities that will help you prepare for your hunts.
There's a Smithy to forge and upgrade equipment, and your trusty Housekeeper is there as well, to grant you access to the Meowcenaries and the Argosy.

The Buddy Plaza, for all your Buddy needs!

Related Friends

  • Iori


  • Kogarashi


  • Rondine


This plaza contains all of the facilities you need for your Buddies, including Iori's Buddy Scout services.
Here, you can train your Buddies, or talk to Felyne Chief Kogarashi to deploy the Meowcenaries.
The plaza looks out over a river from where you can take a boat to the Training Area. The Argosy is also moored here, allowing you to make use of Rondine the Trader's services.

The Training Area

You can reach the Training Area by taking the boat from the riverside at the Buddy Plaza.
Here, you can try out the weapon actions at your disposal by attacking the various objects placed around the facility.
Try out your combo prowess on a giant mechanized toad, or practice your aim on the targets that move around in different patterns and speeds. There are no rules here!

The Story of Kamura Village

The Rampage

The Rampage is a catastrophic event where countless monsters attack the village all at once.
People have lived in fear of it since ancient times, but nobody knows why it occurs.
Kamura has fallen victim to this phenomenon numerous times as well, and especially the Rampage that happened 50 years ago came close to wiping out the entire village.